The Thieves in My Life

So much controversy over essential oils lately. We are so quick to trust chemicals that can burn, harm and poison our bodies if accidently ingested, but not naturally extracted oils? I was a skeptic at first, actually for quite a long time, especially for anything other than diffusing. While for over 5 years now I’ve enjoyed the idea of diffusing and did it here and there…something about the store bought scent wasn’t allowing me to enjoy them long term. Some aromas smelled artificial, like artificially flavored candies.

Two years ago, pregnant with my daughter, social media presented me a world of clean, therapeutic essential oils. Ones that you could not only diffuse, but you could use topically and even INGEST! Okay, two years into these natural, non toxic BRILLIANCE, I’ve only ingested oils a few times to test out the digestive factors. It’s not really for me, especially since, I discovered you can not only clean with them, but disinfect and also purify air! Like woah, they aren’t just to make the house smell nice, they have relieving, purifying, nontoxic, and natural abilities to clean.

Reminder/disclosure: It is important to do your OWN research, what might be for me, might not be for you. I will always share the most accurate information on the account of what I have researched, but please make sure that you make decisions solely on what you have discovered and believe.

Anyway, check out the before and afters below. I’ve become obsessed with cleaning our house since these have entered our lives and obsessed in an understatement. Thieves Household Cleaner has singlehandedly replaced multiple chemicals in our household. Including the almighty bleach. It can literally clean my floor, sink, toilet and shower, but also clean my fruits and veggies. Check it out in all it’s versatile action and ask me all the questions you have!

Cleaning our ancient sink weekly with our Thieves soft scrub mix. This is before.
Ancient sink after.
Sink strainer. Before.
Each week we soak our drain strainers in hot water + Thieves to loosen muck, disinfect and clean.
Stove Top (usually waaaay dirtier, will update). Before.
Soft Scrub. Same mix used for sink, toilets, showers, and pots with ick stuck to.
After. Need another swipe with lemon to rid those left over burnt marks.

Okay, so we can do it with bleach, windex, lysol toilet cleaner? But can your child accidentally dip her finger and swallow it and BE OKAY!? (Obvi, not recommended. Do not try, but it has happened to us.) Can your skin make contact without having to rinse it off right away? I clean our sinks, toilets, showers with this and am 100% okay with showering my daughter immediately after, I don’t freak out if she accidentally sticks her whole arm in the toilet right after, or gets a swipe at the baking soda, Thieves + lemon scrub while cleaning the sink. Heck, I’ll invite her to scrub with me and she’s only 1.

Stay tuned for more uses added in the future or follow me on Instagram to see Thieves in daily action! @lyshdaze

Pregnant, again!

This year is weird. It’s beautiful and hard all at the same time. Mentally I’ve never been clearer, but yet I still lack determination in aspects of my life. It seems that lately my actions towards priorities come together much slower than usual. I think it’s all the anxieties that have shown face during a double isolation. The isolation as a mother and another social isolation in the form of ‘social distancing’. Any other mamas reading this and can relate in anyway?

Easy to say that this pregnancy has been such a different experience emotionally than the last. The uncertainty of the care/delivery procedures during a pandemic, less partner-inclusive visits creating a slightly less intimate experience, the lack of sociable and relative mom groups and even our recent change of insurance has us feeling a little disconnected without initial ultrasound printouts. I need to know if any other moms are pregnant during this time, who’s had a hospital birth during covid?

Okay, but it hasn’t been ALL a cloudy experience. Our second child is on the way! We are incredibly stoked for that, something we were trying for and talked about since our first pregnancy. Having children closer in age, similar to my boyfriend’s family, not at all like the 6 to 9 year gap between myself and my brothers. We just wanted them to be close from the beginning and also maybe knock the childbirth out of the way ASAP? Not sure, but either way, we are here for it. The first few months I didn’t love being pregnant again, I think it was a mix of things. The change of insurance, finding a new doctor and getting accustomed to knew routines and less visits than last time. Additionally, I haven’t worked since March so our income is one + minimal from our secondhand shop. BUTTTTT four months in now, I’m rocking my new pregnant-mom bod and living my life to the fullest. Preparing to move states (another while-pregnant move), trying to keep determination and will to keep up with school, taming a toddler and making time for myself and intimacy with my man. It’s a lot for me to juggle honestly, I was really stressed out throughout the summer.

The end of October I told myself I’d let go of what wasn’t serving me. I did just that. I had NOTHING to show for independent study school work for the month of November. While I put myself a month (6 papers, 8 observation hours, and 4 meditation hours) behind, I have never felt so caught up and mentally free now that it is December. I’m more energized, made it through a rocky first trimester, settled and prepared to continue. It’s a vicious time-on/time-off cycle I’m trying to squash, but powerful baby steps are being taken towards a well-balanced lifestyle. I have the balance in my self-care, school, and family routine now. Self-care including the return of all the long lost hobbies I outed while stressed and depressed lol.

Physical differences from the last time? So we didn’t know the gender with our first and don’t know now. I can tell you that this one for sure is physically different. I’m more physically energized then I am mentally. Heartburn started early in the second trimester instead of the third, like with our daughter. While I wasn’t mentally prepared to be pregnant again, I feel beautiful, less bloated and more motivated to get dressed daily in the second trimester especially. I was nauseas for 3 months straight and had some early hemorrhaging that healed itself. This didn’t appear in the first. I’d like to tell you I think I’m having a boy! I was pretty sure with Olivia, so I’m going to take it that I’m pretty sure/right this time around. Let’s see 😉 What do you think?

Real Time Self-Discovery Experiment

Saw this in another blog, an experiment of sorts to help expand your mind, your thinking. The idea is to create a question, take time to ensure it’s a valuable question, one in which you can make sense of the meaning and hope it helps you dig deeper into you. Once you’ve created the question, answer quickly, document the first thoughts that come to mind and explore that answer. Then carefully create the next question from the given answer, dive deeper into how something might have affected you then, now. Dive deeper into why you felt the way you felt or feel. Ask yourself the how’s, when’s and be reserved to not get carried away with any negative endless why’s so that you may focus on the mental strength building, the true discovery of self, of action of who you can be. Sometimes we can be so bent up on why something happened rather than looking for how it happened and how it can become a better situation or remembering when we learned from it or what the lesson entailed.

I hope these questions will help you form yours, these answers help you understand you are not alone and we all have some sort of story to share. I hope that if you try this you end it with everything you were looking for and were hoping it to be for yourself. I hope it sparks creativity, growth, strength, and a necessary vulnerability to look deeper into yourself.

My Real Time Self-Discovery Experiment

What do I believe my biggest influence for motherhood?
I had to start with a hard one? OMG. I’m 11 months into being a first time girl mom. Subconsciously I find myself responding in ways my parents would when I was younger, how my aunts and uncles and other family would interact with me. In my most conscious, not that I’m not always conscious, just sometimes we are in auto-pilot. Postpartum is a struggle and battle to each their own, on top of still having to be a mother, figure out how to be a mother and continue to be a present partner…not to mention if I had even thought I could bare children, I thought the universe would give me a boy first. I’ve been so blessed with a daughter and the opportunity to shape a better relationship than I had with my mother throughout the most transitional part of my life. Woah, than unlocked a door haha. Anyway, in my most conscious, I’d say the knowledge I’ve gained on attachment parenting, gentle parenting, The Montessori Method and my own life experience, I’d definitely say my influence is based on the end goal of just raising an aware, curious, adventurous, kind and loving child. Whatever lessons I’ve learned, experienced I’ve encountered, whatever influences I’ve had to shape who I am and the observations of those around me, all of that knowledge is my biggest influence for motherhood.

OoOoO, I like this experiment already!

Why did my mind grasp so tightly to the idea of not being able to conceive? How was this tied into my childhood?
I was only 6 weeks when they operated on my ovaries. I was told so young. Told that there was a high possibility I wouldn’t be able to conceive naturally, but it’s possible I could. Then I got pregnant, natural as can be. No complications during pregnancy that would be caused by my operation. I was never conscious of playing the victim. I was, by definition, a victim to some experiences. I’m stating this because I got ideas in my head, I blew things out of proportion whether it was because it was a trauma or to seek attention. I brought it up in relationships, any relevant conversation like it was a pity party I knew I didn’t need but hey, I have something to say that’s unique. You say it enough it becomes a part of you. Maybe that’s why I’ve become so detached from myself, I’ve hung on to so many of the negative ideas for whatever reasons I’ve thought up and I had been drowning in my white lies. I hate lying, I had become rather good at it, while I lived a phase of drug abuse, actual abuse and auto-pilot. I’ve built up all the guilt and carried it on my mind and my physical body for so long. I guess you can say since I’ve come to I’ve lived uneasy carrying that guilt and knowledge of my previous self. That guilt detached me, understanding that I can’t take back my actions, things I’ve said, the way I’ve lived, the people I’ve hurt. It’s awful knowing that there is always possibility of positive outcomes while being trapped in your own mind, unconsciously focusing on the negative outcomes. I had turned dark, lacking hope.

A simple, easy one that’s super necessary for myself in this point of life right now.

What’s the biggest difference now? The difference that changed my perspective and has me so motivated to understand myself and change?

Baby is calling and I’ve about thought and typed all I can for the evening, but I’ve much enjoyed this and I’ll be back. Feel free to comment anything, ask any questions and share any stories. My inbox is always open and I think it’s truly healing for all of us to share stories with each other. This way we can help encourage, understand and grow together. Stay tuned for round 2 of real time self-discovery with me.

Things I’ve Felt While Growing You

This has been an incredible journey. Talk about embracing change. An unreal feeling fully overcomes you. When you discover you’re brewing a child, the first time you experience your body changing, the first time you accept the change, the first photo you take of your bare transformed body, and every moment in between and thereafter.

I’ve been completely, happily overwhelmed for the last 7 months. In fact, I haven’t been able to write a single word about this whole experience until now…month 9, 39 weeks – 5 days in. I’m 3 days away from my supposed due date.


All of my life I’ve battled with the thought of infertility. When I was just 6 weeks old I had ovarian surgery out of anyone’s control. Growing up tested by doctors, some told me nothing in the reproductive center of my body was affected, others always treaded lightly to tell me that there was still a possibility of infertility. Of course, it was much easier to grasp to the idea of not being able to reproduce. I was always unsure to what extent they meant… Did it mean my body could still engage in the functions? Did it mean a surrogate or adoption was my only choice?

There was a point in my life, quite young, early teens, when I had decided that I would adopt. I’d have a big family and I would take in children from America because there were so many left unloved, uncared for and many American’s looking to adopt bring a child from another country. Although, my argument did not always prove valid. I understand that systems outside of America are much more dangerous and much worse for children to stay in, but I’ve always stuck with my decision.

Where does denial come in? Of course, these doctors telling me back and forth what I could and wouldn’t be able to do…my main fault in denial was knowing that I could cling onto the fact that I COULD reproduce. That my body had healed, that I WAS capable of this beautiful journey that women are blessed to experience. However, I chose to hear, to believe the safer thought like some of those doctors. I chose to believe, all my life, that I most likely couldn’t have kids. When I felt it important to say in a relationship, in a friendship, in a conversation where ‘my future and my kids’ came up, I’d bring up how I most likely couldn’t have kids. Recipients of that news turned supportive, “Don’t listen to those doctors, anything is possible. Your body is meant to reproduce, it will find a way.”

Well, I’m pregnant. 9 months – 39 weeks, 6 days. My denial now is in thinking that the impossible wasn’t possible, when all my life I too have always told people to believe in the impossible. I felt terrible in doubting myself. That I had chosen the more negative path to cling on too because it was EASIER. Some supporters ask me if I’m going to sue the doctors that told me I couldn’t, of course not. It was never, “You will never have kids” it was always, “There is a possibility you may not be able to reproduce naturally.” I am thankful, which caused more denial, that each doctor I’d ask a percentage…wouldn’t give me an answer in that form. There was caution in how they answered, as my situation could easily go one way or the other.


As you can imagine, I was surprised. Not only due to my above situation, or being pregnant in general, but that I had skipped over a very obvious fact…I’ve had multiple, multiple doctors over the years, including OBGYN’s…None of them ever enlightened me with the fact that if I had been experiencing ‘puberty’ aka my menstrual cycle naturally all of these years, than my ovaries must be working. From Google, “They produce the hormones, including estrogen, that trigger menstruation. The ovaries release an egg (oocyte) at the midway point of each menstrual cycle. Usually, only a single oocyte from one ovary is released during each menstrual cycle, with each ovary taking an alternate turn in releasing an egg.” Did I want to sue the doctors now?! Maybe…but for what? Would that bring all these years of doubt back? Would that cure the denial I was in for so many years? NO. I was fine, truly. I was blessed, I was happy, this was my moment to live and let go.

SURPRISE! I was pregnant!!!! We were pregnant!!! I’ll never forget the day Robert and I found out. It was my 26th birthday. 2 1/2 years together and we were constantly in the honeymoon stage no matter how many arguments we got into. Most, all 3 of the arguments were raised by myself due to the fact that we never argue, the drama queen-previously abused, cheated on, used to toxins, in me needed some type of hype on occasion. I quickly got over that phase. I had been feeling off for about 2 months.

In November I thought it was the flu, I was exhausted, I was faint, I was thirsty, and nauseous but very lightly. You’d think I’d know my body, yeah yeah. This was different. I was over worked in a new job, I thought it was stress and fatigue. I overlooked it.

December came around, Christmas was rather uneventful. I didn’t go anywhere, I spent one day with the family if I recall correctly and the rest I spent in bed, locked in my room sleeping and watching TV shows that helped me drown out life.

January 3, my 26th birthday. We had the day off together, the first thing I told Robert was that we absolutely needed to get a pregnancy test. There was no doubt in my mind at that point this was it, none of my episodes had ever lasted this long. Barely managing though, I played it cool for Robert until we actually had proof. So we went, the mid-morning of my birthday. We had brunch and headed to the pharmacy. Once we arrived at home, Garrett (Rob’s best friend) creeped in standing at our room door, Robert sitting on the bed and me peeking my head out of the bathroom so that only Robert could see me while they carried on their conversation. I quickly interrupted them and told Robert he needed to come see this.

We loved each other, we love each other, it had been the most beautiful and fulfilling 2 1/2 years together, but even though we had talked about having kids, I think the denial of what could happen with me and what couldn’t was always there making us feel like it couldn’t. Neither of us knew how the other would react, obviously we knew we’d be happy, but for some reason were were both so reserved. Robert came to the restroom, saw the test and his eyebrows went up with the cutest grin on his face. I just looked at him and smiled. We didn’t get crazy, we hugged tightly and sat down. We actually had to ask one another if we were happy and how we felt. Initially it was kind of…lame. HA HA. We were just surprised. That dull feeling disappeared quickly though, we were ecstatic. Robert was stoked and couldn’t wait to tell his friends, although we had to wait. I took another test just to be sure. I cried, it was a miracle, but not really, right? Both tests confirmed, I WAS PREGNANT!!!!



I took a vacation to see my best friend in Oregon, I had a sudden burst of manic energy and drove in the middle of the night from San Jose to Grants Pass, OR. Remember, I had no idea I was pregnant. With the natural hormones of pregnancy, mixed depressed emotions, and manic anxiety I’ve always had…I wanted to break out. These mini escapes were normal for me. Wanting to leave everything behind, cause a scene with my boyfriend, this was by far the biggest breakdown with Robert that I had ever had. Threatening to leave him, move out of state, it was a wild ride – that man has endured so much of me that sometimes I wonder how, but I remember that love trumps all. Our great times have always overpowered any negative bold outbreak I’ve had, that being the most memorable one – other’s were not so memorable, just annoying. It was a regular routine for me to take off for a day or two to recharge. So there I was, in Grants Pass with my best friend. We had an amazing weekend, drinking, shopping, setting up here new little home since she has just moved there shortly before. Something was up though…I just couldn’t keep up. I liked to drink…but I was tired, I couldn’t drink as much as I could before, I’d wake up hungover and just want to sleep all day. I wanted to go to bed early. It was odd, but still I NEVER THOUGHT I WAS PREGNANT. Even with coworkers, or people that I’d never told my story to…telling me I was probably pregnant. It never crossed my mind that it could be true. I was just…feeling ill.


These symptoms mixed with depression/anxiety didn’t make this month any easier. I wasn’t miserable due to being pregnant, I was miserable because I took the symptoms of what I had thought to be the flu, stress, being overwhelmed, to the extreme with my depression. New Years Eve, this was when I knew something was up with me. Again, I liked to drink, to a fault sometimes. We were living with Robert’s friends at the time, house full of boys that liked to invite all of their friends over, believe me they have friends and their friends have friends so it was a party. I liked to party, but these last 2 months…I hated to party. Anyway, I made myself get up and enjoy some shots and jello shots. I didn’t want to spend New Year’s Eve totally alone as Robert was working, plus I had work the next morning…After 2/3 jello shots the toilet called me. I threw them up. Weird I thought…no more drinking. I stopped. That was when I considered…OK I might be pregnant.


I was clear. I was refreshed. The last 2 months had been rough, but the thought of being pregnant, which I was 100% sure of now totally uplifted me. There was a reason for my hiatus, for my hormones, for my emotion, and for my physically feeling ill. Fear had left me. What was I fearful of? That I was loosing myself, that I was going crazy, that after all of these years being OK and overcoming depression to the best I had ever done, suddenly I was depressed, hated my life, hated myself and for no reason at all. That was all gone. I was having a baby and it was the most uplifting, exciting, and emotional day of my life…also my 26th birthday. I was in love with the most amazing man, I was growing a beautiful child, my body was working…nothing could stop me.


It was wild how one test, one visit to the OBGYN to confirm had released me from so much negativity in my life. The thought of becoming a mother just helped me let go. There was no more worry of what others thought of me, I immediately no longer took my job too seriously, I was a workaholic who could just work to the best of my ability without it taking over my mind or my life. I no longer felt uncomfortable with all the weight I had gained in the last few months of being depressed and emotionally locked up. I no longer had any doubt in my relationship, in my ability to maintain a positive relationship. So much anger had left me. I finally felt like the me I had been searching for the last 5 years.

The most freeing part of all of this was finally accepting that all I needed to take care of was myself. That the cliche that you can only love another once you love yourself was absolutely true. It was finally time for me to accept, to love by all definition everything about myself, to change what I was unsatisfied with and to embrace my past journey and my future so that when I met my child I could fully love them without holding anything back.

Its as beauty at it’s finest moment, it was freedom.