Mom Guilt is Real

This photo means so much to me. Mom guilt is real & comes in disguise. Sometimes even unnoticed completely until that one moment you really sit down to uncover what’s been hurting. I haven’t shared everything going on lately and I won’t bother rewinding to try to get it all to align with what youContinue reading “Mom Guilt is Real”

Thought Dump: I’m Making My Way Back

It is quite safe to say I haven’t repurposed anything lately, except my patience! Two-time mom, double-time parents. Such an exhausting stage, omg did I say exhausting?! I mean exciting!* 😉 Ever since Oliver has blessed us with his presence, Robert and I just decided we’re going to be tired until we’re just not tiredContinue reading “Thought Dump: I’m Making My Way Back”

Pregnant, again!

This year is weird. It’s beautiful and hard all at the same time. Mentally I’ve never been clearer, but yet I still lack determination in aspects of my life. It seems that lately my actions towards priorities come together much slower than usual. I think it’s all the anxieties that have shown face during aContinue reading “Pregnant, again!”

Real Time Self-Discovery Experiment

Saw this in another blog, an experiment of sorts to help expand your mind, your thinking. The idea is to create a question, take time to ensure it’s a valuable question, one in which you can make sense of the meaning and hope it helps you dig deeper into you. Once you’ve created the question,Continue reading “Real Time Self-Discovery Experiment”

Things I’ve Felt While Growing You

This has been an incredible journey. Talk about embracing change. An unreal feeling fully overcomes you. When you discover you’re brewing a child, the first time you experience your body changing, the first time you accept the change, the first photo you take of your bare transformed body, and every moment in between and thereafter.Continue reading “Things I’ve Felt While Growing You”