About Me

About Me

Hey all, just a first time stay-at-home while also in school mama trying to figure it all out. Never thought I’d be saying those words, at least not as a simultaneous act. I guess you could say that 5 years ago I was living in a state of bliss. Not that I’m not blissed out now, it’s just a total different level of bliss. I had just moved back to my home town. I lived somewhat of a nomadic style life, living with my dad, rent free, but I was gone every few days exploring the state. I was a traveling server/bartender, who was partying and wanted the full on (at the time not so popular) van life. Maaaaan traveling the world had just been set in motion. A few crappy relationships, some really great friends and experiences were keeping me alive. I was having the time of my life…while in the background not really dealing with a lot of childhood trauma, depression and anxiety that I had so suddenly bolted from. Oops, lol.

Such a free mindset has to have it’s faults, right? There was a turn in my life which showed face for many reasons. One filled with darkness, but some an incredible amount of light. A sort of change in me that pushed me to be greater, to understand that life is short, but also caused me to really sink my feet into what my future was going to look like, and brought me this anxiety I had never experienced before. Anyway, shortly after I found a man, my man, someone to help calm my storms, ease my anxieties, and to stand alongside me while I become the woman I am today. A mother. A partner. A Montessori Educator in Training. A Stay-At-Home-Mom. A reseller. A dependent.

Easy to say, like many of us, I have a story to tell. Or plenty. I have lessons to teach, feelings to overcome, and strategies to share. I’ve always had a passion for writing, sharing my feelings/experiences through the words that dance through my mind, random poems written on napkins or the back of text books. All throughout high school I was writing a book that never seemed to end. I’d share snippets with friends who’d encourage me to continue. I guess I would have thought I’d have this blogging thing way more locked in and consistent like my younger years. But nope, life is wild, battling through depression and anxiety is wild, but I have learned that taking one day and one left behind hobby at a time is totally worth it. So, thanks for being here.

If we all understood feelings and emotions maybe we’d all just get along.

21 y.o. Lysh

I’m Alysha, aka Lysh. My daughter’s name is Olivia, aka Liv (no one calls her that). I’m livin’ lysh, but also we’re Liv n’ Lysh! LOL

27 y.o. Lysh

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