July Anxieties Day 27

I’ve started over SO MANY TIMES. I’m like the girl who cried wolf in her fitness journey. I got down about it for a second this morning but like I’ll keep starting over until I’m not starting from the very beginning anymore. First days back after a naughty, motionless run are roughhhhh. I got it done, didn’t do the original workout I had planned for today, but did one I enjoyed much more. One. Day. At. A. Time.

Facebook mom groups? I’m trying. Some days you see great, engaging conversation, even if not to get involved and just skim read some posts. Other days it’s like a judgmental jungle. And for what?! Don’t you become a mom and JUST GET IT about other mom situations even if yours isn’t the same. I know that happened to me, I was all semi judge-y while pregnant and then had my baby, hit the crawling stage and just LET EVERYTHING ELSE GO. Like no mom or any parenting style will actually ever make me publicly judge that mom and make her feel small just because maybe I had a shit day or wasn’t dealing with my own problems. What a cycle. I wish for more kindness, understanding and support from those in the future. Also, friendships, I’d love more mom friendships. I’m the worst, sometimes I bail. I miss pre COVID, I could meet with multiple mamas at a time and there was bound to be one you clicked with. Now, I’m trying to set up a 1:1 mom date and I’m too awkward, insecure and shy for that shit. BUT I WILL MAKE IT HAPPEN LOL.

Stopped to sleep mid thought, this is yesterday’s EON ‘end of night’ rant. ❤

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