This Week’s 20-30 Minute Nutritiously Delicious Meals!

Putting together something actually nutritious AND delicious to eat when I haven’t planned didn’t always work for me. Aaaand this coming from the girl who wants to write a personal recipe book as a family gift for Christmas 2020! HA! Okay, so I did alright the first few months this goal arose, but looking back…I totally had some help! The middle months I was still kinda planning and learning about so many new spices that it was still totally interesting to me. Now? Without sharing too much of my personal life on this food post, life has taken a super cool turn but also pushed me to be more money, time and nutritiously savvy! Here are some quick powerful meals you can check out! My taste-buds and those of my 8 month old daughter have tried and totally approved!

Oh and a quick ps. This week’s recipes are actually by Beachbody! I’m truly thankful for the outlet they’ve provided. As my 1 year 99 dollar membership to their 800+ virtual training programs & 123546+ free recipes comes to an end, I’m finding myself cramming as much information in as I can! Well…. I WAS, until I recently decided to renew, cause well….DUH! Now, I’m training for their 2BMindset nutrition certification! Hoping that will push me to pursue something further in the future! Anyway, thanks for trusting me and essentially them to present some flavorful ideas into your tummy. OHHKAY ps ps. remember that the prepping and cooking process can be just as fun! 😉

❤ Lysh

Breaded Tenders & Broccoli

Sooooo, I might have totally focused in on chicken while trying to find cool chicken recipes for Olivia to eat! LOL

Chicken Florentine

I’ve always loved eggs Florentine soooo making a chicken one was cool and easy af LOL

BBQ Chicken Flatbread

**Side note, I actually used a Frozen Cauliflower Crust for this!

Mexi-Cal Tacos

These are made with tofu but we actually used, you guessed it, chicken! I’m hoping to make them with steak this week 😀

Let me know if you try some of these, no pressure at all. Just happy to share some of my favorites with you! Another ps. I actually adjusted a lot of these recipes depending on what I had or how much spice/sauce I can put on them for Olivia! Feel free to do the same! Sometimes, checking out recipes are more just MOTIVATION and IDEAS for a beautiful personal creation! Happy prepping, cooking and eating! ❤

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